February Drop-in Session

Significant information relating to planning and development in the Kimbles was presented at the Drop-in session and much of it can be found on this page, either directly on this website or through links to thrird party sites. Please note that neither the Kimble Neighbourhood Plan team not the Parish Council are responsible for information on third party websites.

  • Survey information and SSSI, AONB and Greenbelt maps here.
  • WDC’s Landscape and Capacity Study for the Kimble Area here.

There is a huge volume of information on the Wycombe District Plan on the Council’s website here, particularly the supporting documentation section here.  Many of the files are huge and may take a long time to download and display (or even find in the first place!). To make the task easier we have highlighted a few of the key documents and sections here:

  • Information on proposed  Princes Risborough Western Relief Road is shown here.
    • The proposed route through the Parish is on page 10, which also shows proposals for carriageway width, footpaths, cycleways and speed limits.
    • The broad outline of the new junctions and rail bridge is shown on page 16.
    • More detailed plans of the proposed new road/rail bridge at Little Kimble are shown on Pages 17 and 22.
  • WDC’s infrasructure phasing and deliveryplan for the new Risborough relief road is shown here.
  • Detailed plans for the new road/rail bridge at Little Kimble can be seen here.